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Elevate Your Design

Refine your skills into mastery. Elevate project quality and client engagement with a distinctive aesthetic vision.

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Creative Collaboration

Connect with a vibrant community of designers. Share, learn, and grow in a collaborative creative ecosystem.

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Distinctive Voice

Carve out your unique design identity. Learn from Pablo Stanley to craft standout products and accelerate your career.

Our Mission

Together, we aim to empower and inspire people to unlock their creative potential, making design accessible and impactful for everyone. 👻

Meet Your Instructor

Who is Pablo Stanley?

As your guide in this course, Pablo Stanley combines his entrepreneurial spirit and design expertise from co-founding Carbon Health and Blush Design, to his roles at Udemy, Lyft, and Invision. Celebrated for his Open Source Doodles and Robotos NFTs, Pablo's real passion lies in empowering emerging designers through practical insights and fostering a creative community. Join him to explore the depths of design and unlock your creative potential.

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What will you learn? 🎓

UI Foundations

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Typography as an Art Form

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The Power of a Strong Layout

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Harmonizing Colors in UI

A yellow and pink ice cream bucket with a yellow handle.

Adding your Style and Voice

Loudspeaker Illustration

Visual Storytelling

3D Book Illustration

Crafting UI Elements

UI elements illustration

Becoming a Profesh

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Keeping It Weird (Bonus)

Toy Duck Illustration
A bookshelf filled with lots of books in a room.
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Benefits & Outcomes 🌈

Find Your Voice

Make yourself stand out in the digital industry by adding your own style to your projects. Clients will love your unique touch!

Join Our Community

Connect with a diverse group of students and alumni in our Discord channels for collaboration, feedback, and support.

Get Real Feedback

Show off your work in our quarterly Portfolio Showcase for live reviews and recognition.

Weekly Workshops

Join our weekly live workshops with guest speakers, design tutorials, and behind-the-scenes client work.

Lifetime Access

Access Together Studio Templates and a Design Resource Library with new materials added regularly.

Flexible Learning

Learn at your own pace with lifetime access to the course, including future updates and resources.

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In life, you almost never get to learn from the best of the best, but here we are!

Charles Patterson

@jackcrosby8083 Portrait

You're a legend! These help so much. Very well explained. Thank you.


Erik Herschend Portrait

Thanks, another awesome video Pablo!  All your videos are extremely helpful...

Erik Herschend

Rogie X Avatar

Pablo is without a doubt, one of the most passionate, energetic, and talented creatives and teachers that I know. Any time spent learning from his wealth of knowledge around storytelling, design or illustration is sure to inspire!


Figma Maria X Avatar

Te amo Pabloso

Figma María

Vijay Verma Portrait

I remember the days of my design journey when I discovered the Pablo's channel, offering top-notch content spanning from visual design to mastering design tools. Just imagine how beneficial these courses would be for learning or improving design skills with Pablo.

Vijay Verma

your_older_brother X Avatar

Man, you're amazing - love your energy & non-time wasting approach!! Greetings from Lithuania!


Philipp Sporrer X Avatar

I love how you brought the principles into practice . That's what a lot of resources about gestalt are missing imo. Controlling the perception of what is related is one of the most important tasks in web design and Gestalt gives us a set of principles.

Philipp Sporrer

Harshvardhan Sharma Portait

You’re insane, Pablo. Great stuff, hahaha

Harshvardhan Sharma

Carlton Gordon Portrait

Pablo with another banger!

Carlton Gordon

Michael Simons Portrait

Superb as always. I love your humor and your illustration style

Michael Simons

Alice Baggio Portrait

awesome experience when the butts are dancing in perfect sync with French house

Alice Baggio

Mercedes Bazan Portrait

Pablo's way of teaching UX/UI is really easy to understand. He explains things in a simple and clear way, so it's easy for beginners to follow along. His lessons are helpful and make learning about UX/UI fun. If you want to learn about UX/UI, Pablo's teaching is a great choice!

Mercedes Bazan

@Hektor1020 Portrait

finally, someone can explain it logically... GG


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